TrekShops is a family-run company comprised of a quality-driven group of experienced designers, managers and craftsmen with

over 50 years of woodworking, design, and manufacturing background. Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority,

and we go the extra mile to make sure they get what they need, when they need it. 

Jeff Sherwood, President & CEO

 Jeff began his career with NASA, and has since delved into every industry imaginable. From video production, to automotive, to restauranteuring, to inventing a beloved scented consumer product that is now found in millions of households across the world... Jeff is a true mad scientist, and inventor. His many years of  R&D, creative, and manufacturing expertise gives TrekShops a major advantage when it comes to delivering cutting-edge, cost-effective, quality products in short time frames

Samantha Fenske, COO

 Samantha is an expert in all things organizational; EDI, technology, and customer service. Having someone with such an extensive background         in dealing with the day-to-day not only allows for TrekShops to give the very best service to our customers, it also ensures we are meeting their deadlines and quality expectations without any fault. 

Emrie Oliver, Director of Creative & Business Development

 Emrie's experience hails from many industries including Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography, R&D, Fragrance, Sales, and Marketing.    In addition to her role with TrekShops, Emrie is the owner of a creative agency whose clients are primarily in fragrance, decor, and fashion.
This means we get in-depth trend reports from many industries each quarter, enabling us to be ahead of trends, and offering them to our customers, so that they can beat their competitors to market... Because timing is everything!

Who are we?